Sarah is a contemporary impressionistic artist, working in oil on canvas, watercolor on paper, and charcoal on wood. Sarah draws from themes within her environment. Nature’s vastness and open spaces and mountains inspire her brush, while she celebrates nature’s minute details in charcoal dust. She is inspired by the natural world around her and energized by the relationships and 
connections innate to life. 
 Sarah lives happily in South Carolina with her husband Matt, her four children, and two dogs. She spends her free time exploring the wild landscapes of the Carolinas, studying the treasures her children collect on their adventures, and telling stories through pictures and words.

I believe art is a powerful voice, that visual metaphors and symbols communicate meaning and can incite change. I am moved by art that demands participation—that is, art that seeks to pull its audience into the ideas and elements of the art itself, while simultaneously pushing the viewer  into creating a better story for themselves and the world in which they live. I want my art to have a life of its own. I want for my creativity to be a catalyst within others. My goal is to explore profound questions and ideas, to be present in and filled by this amazing earth, to live fully within my environment as a mother, lover and artist, and to respond to this mind-blowing miracle of life by creating art that speaks.

2019 Wanderings, Sixpence Salon, Greenville SC
2018 American Scapes, Sixpence Salon, Greenville SC
2018 Lands We Call Home, Narthex Gallery, Greenville SC
2017 Interior Landscape, Sixpence Salon, Greenville SC
2016 Home, Narthex Gallery, Greenville, SC
2011 Poster Project, Pearl Cup, Dallas, TX
2011 Life Work, Crooked Tree, Dallas, TX
2017 Southern Dreaming, Narthex Gallery, Greenville, SC
2016 Converge, The Station, Greenville, SC
2013 Barfly, Donna Van Gogh’s, Atlanta, GA
2012 Barfly, Art House, Portland, ME
2011 Almost A Classic, Terasa Gragg Gallery, Dallas, TX
The United Nations   
Clemson University  
Whole Foods Market
These Are My Hours, Documentary Film Project
Greater Greenville 
Bob Jones University Press
HomeSat, a division of Bob Jones University
Small Business Marketing Selected Clients: Due South Coffee, Swamp Rabbit Cafe, Sophisticate’s Tea, Tealoha, Cafe of Life, Farm in the Wildwood, Wiseguy Fungi
2017 Art on the Trail, Travelers Rest, SC
2017 Makers Market, Greenville, SC
2016 Indie South, Athens, GA
2016 Native Clique, Greenville, SC
2014 Spring Flea, Greenville SC
2011 Deep Ellum Market, Dallas TX
2017 Lloyd Ford, The Intersection of Motherhood and Art, Stories of the Upstate Podcast, July 2017
2017 Kathleen Nalley, Poetic License, TOWN Magazine, June 2017
2015 Kathleen Nalley, Riding a Wave, TOWN Magazine, May 2015
2014 Wilson, Cristina. Carolina Bride. Triumph Books
2014 Green Wedding Shoes, Berry-hued Botanical Wedding Inspiration
2013 Style Me Pretty. Irish Castle Inspiration
Private Collection   Harare, Zimbabwe
Private Collection   Kiev, Ukraine
Private Collection   Dresden, Germany
Private Collection   Dallas, TX
Private Collection   Buffalo, NY
Private Collection   Denver, CO
2018-2019 Sessional Instructor, INCLUDE Co-Operative School
2009-2010 Sessional Instructor, Genesis Simmon’s School
2008-2009 Sessional Instructor, Hope and Horizons
2005-2007 Sessional Instructor, Bob Jones Academy
2003-2005 Art Educator, Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery
2017-2019 Graphic novel illustration and design with Clemson University faculty
2017-2019 Sixpence, Greenville, SC
2017 Whitefeather Gallery, Greenville, SC
2015 White Whale Studios and Gallery, Greenville, SC
2007 BA cum laude, Humanities, Studio Art focus,  Bob Jones University

Photo Credit: Eli Warren 

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