The soft, cool tones in the florals of this piece juxtaposed with the dark, root-filled ground create a mysterious, inviting space coupled with the hope-filled energy of the flightless bird and warm sky. “Roots” is a 36 x 36 oil painting on gallery wrapped cotton canvas. The piece can be hung as is or you can choose to have it framed locally.

My collection Bloom, inspired by the luscious detail and grace of blooming florals, this collection is a reflection of life: rooted, strong and blooming. I have found so much joy in capturing the momentary details of these beautiful flowers, revealing their grace and beauty rising from darkness, their layers of life, rising bravely from their shadows, leaning into their light. My hope is that this collection serves as a catalyst for you to stop, breathe in, and recognize the beauty that is in you and all around you.

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