Inspired by the momentary beauty of the Luna Moth, this watercolor print’s calming green and blue tones capture the gentle grace of this magnificent creature. "Luna Moth” or Actias Luna is Nearctic Moth in the Saturniidae family inhabiting North America. They spend only one week as winged adults, often appearing in late May and early June.

My Insect Aesthetic collection seeks to draw our attention to the beauty of common insects, both in their visual aesthetic as well as their value within our ecosystem. There is so much beauty even in the things we naturally shy away from.

All giclée prints are created on archival cotton rag, a flat fine art quality paper, printed with a professional printer, and hand-cut in studio.

PRINTED TO ORDER. All giclée prints are created by a local print shop at the time of your order. Please allow 2 weeks processing time.

SHIPPING: Choose Print Size at checkout. Any additional cost or credit for shipping variances will be refunded or invoiced after sale.

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