Inspired by the intricate beauty of the Bumble Bee, this watercolor painting captures the strength and grace of this amazing creature. Painted in a bright yellow, juxtaposed with stark dark undertones, this painting is a minimalistic and vibrant scientific study. "Bumble Bee” can refer to any of the 250 species within the genus Bombus, a part of the family Apidae. Bumble bees are social, living in colonies with a queen. Their habitat range extends to most of the world with adaptations for colder climates and higher elevations. Bumble bees are important pollinators whose decline is cause for grave concern.

My Insect Aesthetic collection seeks to draw our attention to the beauty of common insects, both in their visual aesthetic as well as their value within our ecosystem. There is so much beauty even in the things we naturally shy away from.

6 x 6 Unframed.

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